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26 december 2010
New version of the New Supaplex (0.803) available for download. Changes:
  • The game now uses native Supaplex engine. So, it is now 100% compatible with original Supaplex and Megaplex. All recorded level solutions *.sp/*.mpx plays fine.
  • Added support for *.mpx demos
  • Added option to disable zooming of game field
  • Fixed looping of some music tracks
New beta (build: 0.803) available for download from Download.

6 december 2010
As you may notice the graphics for some objects in the game is not finished yet.

If you have an artist skill and want to help me with the game, then you can draw sprites for Ram (destructible wall - chips), Hardware (non-destructible wall - chips), animation for Snik-Snak and Electron. Contact me by e-mail (look at connection page.)

It would be very cool if the new graphics can be drawn in the new style (like Base, Infotron, Zonk, Bug, Explosion, Ports, Disks).
The sprites in the game located in the Graphics\Objects in the .png image format. So, you can replace some sprites and run the game to view them in action.

27 november 2010
New version of the New Supaplex (0.721) available for download. Changes:
  • The game was ported to Linux (x86/amd64) and MacOS X
  • You can now resize game window
  • The game now scale the visuals to window size. This make the objects more visible on higher resolutions
  • The game now exits when user close main game window
  • Fixed black screen on minimize (activate/deactivate) while playing game
  • Fixed bug with the non-english characters in the path to game folder. There was no levels in such case.
  • Removed options menu
New beta (build: 0.721) available for download from Download.

18 february 2008. 21:40
There are several new demosets in the Download section.

17 february 2008. 18:07
New version of the New Supaplex (0.605) available for download. Changes:
  • - fixed: The game logic was changed to be much more compatible with old supaplex
  • - fixed: Now Murphy pass the ports with double speed
  • - fixed: After each successfuly played level the statistic is saved in user profile
  • - added: Added support for playing Supaplex and Megaplex demos (*.sp)
  • - fixed: Changed hot keys for game speed control. Now you can use PageUp/PageDown to control speed.
    The speed changes as folows: (1,5,10,15,25,35,50,75,100,150,200,250,350,500,1000)
  • - added: In demo play mode you can see now the key presses (arrows and space)
  • - added: Added support for resolutions other that 800x600 (see the readme.txt file command line parameters)
New beta (build: 0.605) available for download from Download.

06 december 2005. 20:30:12
New version of the New Supaplex (0.510) available for download. Changes:
  • - added: Added support for Megaplex levels (*.mpx). Megaplex levels may be up to 256x256 size.
  • - fixed: Fixed the game crush at some invalid levelsets.
  • - added: Added support for levels with a non-english names. The characters with codes > 128 are treated as russian symbols and appropriately transliterate into english counterparts. This allows to play a lot of russian levels.
  • - fixed: Fixed a lot of bugs in menu logic which may crash a game.
  • - added: Now the game speed is tracked for each player. The demo playback speed is set to player base speed on every playback (for convenience).
  • - fixed: The BUG (electro charge in the green base) cooldown time has been increased to allow eat it more safely. Otherwise the BUG can charge at truely random time, even at the next frame after previous time. This is inconvenient. Now the bug cannot charge right after previous charge, it can do so after a small cooldown only. But, I fixed it in such way that old demos should playback correctly.
  • - added: Added an overwrite prompt in save demo dialog.
  • - added: Added a force redraw on each level cell at very high game speed. Without that it is possible to set a such speed, that game become non-interactive.
  • - added: The game speed is now visible at game pannel.
New beta (build: 0.510) available for download from Download.

08 may 2005. 08:28:10
New version of the New Supaplex (0.480) available for download. Changes:
  • - added: Player profiles. Now the game keep history of solved levels per player basis
  • - added: Game menu: Now you can choose the levelset and level to play
  • - added: Game menu: Now you can save level solutions (demos)
  • - added: Demos menu: Now you can plaback saved demos
  • - added: Credits menu: Added some credits
  • - added: Tracks number of Murphy moves and show them on game panel
  • - fixed: The snik-snak animation changed
  • - fixed: Murphy range eating animation and red disk setup animation changed
  • - bugfix: The bug with lost focus and minimizing the game window
  • - bugfix: The arrows are works in game even if game is have no focus (now they doesn't)
  • - bugfix: Several minor fixes
New beta (build: 0.480) available for download from Download.

25 april 2005. 20:26:12
Right now I testing a new version of the game with new features:
  • Player profiles and keeping information for solved levels.
  • Support for choosing levelsets and levels within levelset
  • Demo recording and playback
The new version should be available in two weeks (approximately).

Two years passed...

19 february 2003 г. 18:01:02
Some visitors reported about problems with game downloading (especialy with big archive), this is because the server don't support for resume downloading, (and what is even more worse, it close connection after about 5 minutes). So, all users which have slow internet connection have problems and so they should download splited archive (not a big one). For those ones, which have cable or dsl (>128 KBit/s) all should work fine. I've talked with server admin about that problem, and he will fix this problem in a few days. Also one more issue, by default a game have sounds on, and if someone haven't sound card in cumputer, than those users will have problem when running game. I allredy fixed this sound bug (make it optionaly), but new beta verion is still not yet available, because I still works on menu.

Also I added link to ClanLib library web site into links page, because this library realy rox and current game beta version is based on it :)

10 february 2003. 23:59:37 - New beta
New beta (build: 0.420) available for downloading from Download. What was fixed from last version:
  • add: game was rewritten from scratch.
  • add: game fisic is changed, and now most original supaplex trick are works (see some demos from 77 and 78 levelsets from Kim-Min-Soo), except those, which related with ports and border.
  • add: graphics now working under OpenGL, so you need a graphic accelerator to play the game.
  • add: game menu is not yet complete.
  • Attention: for play in other levelsets, you should manualy rename them to 'levels.dat' and overwrite this file in /levels/ folder. In new version that will be fixed.
  • F1/F2 - next/prev level in levelset
  • R - restart current level
  • 1/2 - +/- 1 FPS speed
  • 3/4 - +/- 10 FPS speed
  • M - music on/off
  • N/B - next/prev music track
  • arrows - moving up/down/left/right
  • space bar + arrows - range eating of eatable objects
  • space bar (keep pressed a while) - setup a red disk (bomb)

24 june 2002. 15:20:53 - New beta
New beta (build: 0.194) available for downloading from Download. What was fixed from last version:
  • add: music support for: mp3, wav, xm, s3m, it, mod formats.
  • add: changed 'Bug' sound to not so agressive.
  • fix: on levels with gravitation, Murphy cannot move up on 'Bug' when it not charging.
  • add: sounds are now in /sounds/ folder with .wav format.
When you tire from game music you can easily change it to your favorite music. In folder /music/ find the file default.m3u, you can open it in winamp or modify in any text editor.

18 june 2002 г. 16:40:32 - New beta
New beta (build: 0.192) available for downloading from Download. What was fixed from last version:
  • add: object 'BUG' - electrocharge in base. When Murphy try to move on it or even just touch it, when 'Bug' is charging, then Murphy will die. Bug charging at random time.
  • add: sound for 'Bug' object.
  • fix: small bug, when Murphy moving in port, you may notice his head and legs.
  • add: major graphics update:
    • all kinds of utility disks (red, yellow, orange)
    • animation of infotron eating
    • animating of grass eating
    • animating of red disk eating
    • terminal animating
    • animating of electrocharge in base
    • sprite for exit
    • sprites for hardware (not all)

3 june 2002. 18:20:01 - New beta
New beta (build: 0.189) available for downloading from Download. What was fixed from last version:
  • fix: game logix.
  • add: game menu.
13 may 2002. 12:03:26 - New beta
New beta (build: 0.177) available for downloading from Download. What was fixed from last version:
  • add: some new tricks.
  • fix: game logic.
23 april 2002. 2:33:45 - New beta
New beta (build: 0.169) available for downloading from Download. What was fixed from last version:
  • fix: well, so many fixes and I can't remember they all :)
  • fix: now the most "usable" of original Supaplex tricks works.
  • fix: now you can playback demos from menu.
  • fix: demos now located in /demos/ folder.
  • fix: new recorded demos always have 'demo.nsp' filename, so old demo is overwrited
20 april 2002. 1:54:14 - New beta
New beta (build: 0.160) available for downloading from Download. What was fixed from last version:
  • fix: bug, when more then one Murphy on level, the main Murphy able to eat others %)).
  • fix: if demo ended succesfully on exit, then main level counter was incremented.
  • fix: game speed modification worked wrong
  • fix: game fisic was changed, read readme.txt in archive.
  • fix: minor fixes
18 april 2002. 6:40:23 - New beta
New beta (build: 0.150) available for downloading from Download. What was fixed from last version:
  • add: demo recording/playback
  • fix: minor fixes
16 april 2002. 22:44:35 - New beta
New beta (build: 0.144) available for downloading from Download. What was fixed from last version:
  • add: sounds in game
13 april 2002. 23:10:05 - New beta
New beta (build: 0.142) available for downloading from Download. What was fixed from last version:
  • [*] game engine rewritten from scratch (now all in classes and OOP)
  • add: all monsters and objects from original supaplex, except "Bug" - electrocharge in base
  • add: gravity, freeze zonks and freeze enemies
  • add: special ports which can change gravity, freeze zonks and freeze enemies
  • add: slightly speed up overall perfomance
8 november 2001. 7:31:05 - New alpha
New alpha (build: 0.033) can be downloaded from Download. What was fixed from last version:
  • add: snik-snak object
  • fix: bug with game crash, after change of level or right after Murphy is killed
  • fix: stones now falls and slides more correctly
  • fix: minor fixes, + speed up overall game perfomance (slightly)
1 november 2001. 0:07:30 - New alpha
New alpha (build: 0.031) is now available for downloading in Download, also a few fresh screenshots from new alpha available in Screenshots. What was fixed from last version:
  • add: now if something will fall on Murphy (main hero), then Murphy will die and you should start level again
  • add: added ram and hardware (walls), explodeable and not explodeable. The ram is slipping, so objects like zonks and infotrons may slide from them; hardware is not slipping, so slideable objects will not slide from it
  • add: added ports (aka pipes), all variations, except special ports, which can change such parameters as: gravity, freeze 'zonks' and freeze 'enemies'
  • fix: changed grass (base) color again to more darker, now it looked more good

Plans for next week:
  • adding monsters: snik-snak and electron
  • adding utility disks (bombs): yellow, orange and red
  • adding terminal for explode the yellow disks
  • adding gravity
  • adding a feature which was a "Bug" object in original Supaplex (I mean electrocharge in base)
  • well don't sure about all of that so soon :) I have a diploma too, which should be done for University :)

29 october 2001. 7:52:28
Current status:
  • fix: bug with scrolling screen, when you have too many space in view area
  • add: added eated infotron counter and exit from level when all of them was eated
  • add: drawing information about infotrons in game
  • add: changed orange sand to green grass, and also changed stone sprite

Added more screenshots of alpha version with updated graphics. Look them in Screenshots

23 october 2001. 7:53:59
A long silence was due to.. lazy %). The project still growing in his progress but not so fast as I want.

What was done from last alpha:
  • The game engine was rewritten from scratch (now all in classes and OOP)
  • Now I know how to draw text via DirectDraw, using bitmap fonts
  • Now we have a small menu to select level for play (from 111 levels of original Supaplex)
  • fix: screen scrolling bug
  • fix: minor fixes...

The strange bug is located, which related.. hmm, don't know to which it related :). When in view are too many space you can notice a weird jerks %. As soon as this bug will be fixed, I'll continue to add other Supaplex objects in game.

New alpha will be uploaded in next week (if all be ok)...

29 september 2001. 7:36:34
Complete to fullfill information in others pages of New Supaplex project: Screenshots and Download

28 september 2001. 21:50:09
Filled information in About project and Developing