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Information about developing of New Supaplex:

29 september 2001. 6:28:39 - How that was.. :)
After few DirectX tutorials from SDK I knew how to draw bitmap sprites and control keyboard, and started to think about game fisic, infotrons and zonks logic, how the level should be presented in memory, object's parameters ... etc. You can see some screenshots from Screenshots page  and  Download page

When I complete the infotrons and zonks falling logic, the scrolling problem was appeared. That problem was not so easy and to solve that task I spent about two weeks. Then I went to Kazakhstan for month, to resting and fishing :) When I comeback to Saint-Petersburg (about mid septeber 2001) and have a look into sources.. well, they looks just ugly and unreadable :) The game logic was in a bunch of switches and cases. I spent about week for engine restructuring, and add object's classes and all now in OOP :)