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Some information about New Supaplex project:
In 199x when IMB PC 286 with EGA monitors was a common computer I played in a very interesting game - Supaplex. In game you should control the hero looks like a ball with mouth, called Murphy. He need to eat infotrons on the level and find exit. Collecting infotrons is a not very easy task, because stones, monsters and bombs can kill Murphy. The game genre is Puzzle - Logic. If someone want to play in original Supaplex you can get it from this site

Since 1994 I've an idea to create own Supaplex game. First attempts was in QBasic language. I've created a level which contain a different colors rectangles, and keyboard control, and all works sweet :) But when I start to implement a diamonds and stones falling logic, well, that was too hard for me at that moment :) After that I switch on another game, and abandon the project...

Few years later, I allready knew the Borland Pascal 6.0 language. This was in 1995 :) At that time I allready knew what the sprites are and how to draw them (only via BGI :). But keyboard control was sux. But I didn't knew how to get rid of BEEP sound, when keyboard buffer was overflowed.

Somewhere on second or third course of University, I allready programming in Borland C++ 3.11 and Watcom C++ 11.0b. In first for labaratory tasks, and in the second for myself. At that moment I allready knew what is 'interrupt' and used VESA 2.0 for graphics. And most part of project can be realized, but I got an Internet and forgot about anything else :)

At last, in autumn of 2001 I plan to implement New Supaplex under Windows and DirectX. The DirectX SDK was downloaded (~120 Mb % ) and I started to learn DirectDraw. Read the Developing page for more info. Developing page.