Russian English Sergant's Home Page
Information about me:
I was born in a small town called Stepnogorsk, which located at north Kazakstan... My first computer experince started from 1989. In our town in Sport Palace a new computer club was created. It was not realy club, just 6-8 of Atari computers with the same numbers of TV :) The games which was there are: Monty Mole, Battle Tanks, City Cat etc. Most of my free time I spent there.

In 1991, I got a zx spectrum compatible computer "Sintez 'M'", with 48 Kb ram... Next two yars I spent playing on it :) The games like: Saboteur I-II, Catamarans, Arkanoid, Ghosts, Betty, Academia, Elite etc. I remember a very nice loaders with text: Cracked by Bill Gilbert :) After some time, that computer was changed to another zx spectrum compatible with floppy drive. However, at that moment in our town was the first IMB PC 286 computers. I spent most of time at friends, playing in: Metal Mutants, Supaplex, Prince Persia I-II, Tarzan, Xennon .. etc. Nostalgy...

Ok, at 1993 I start to interest in programming. I remember the first Basic program for zx spectrum, where Pinnokio swinging a big hammer beat a table, that was cool :) After that I got my first 286 and after small delay 386. Again I start to play games :) Wolfenstein 3D, Doom I-II (which run only with tricks on 4 Mb Ram), Lost Vikings, Dune II, Warcraft etc. At that moment I also learned Quick Basic and Borland Pascal 6. Our school have Yamaha compatible computers with own Basic.

In 1996, at autumn, I graduate the school and became a student of Saint-Petersburg State Electrotehnical University, on a computer engineering degree.